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Feature-request: User should be able to delete all unused assets at once


i use screenshots of our solutions in case of small changes on existing pages. when balsamiq projects get bigger, the amount of assets is performance critical. it is a helpful feature to be able to see in which mockups an asset is used. it would even be more helpful to provide a function to delete all unused assets at once.


Hey @sencha!

This is something that we added in a recent version of Mockups. If you are on the newest version (3.2.4) you will find the option to select unused assets from the edit menu:

This should allow you and your team to delete them all in one fell swoop. Let me know if that works for you! :smiley:


Great! How do I do the same in myBalsamiq?


Hi @yaroslavpat,

Unfortunately, this is not implemented yet in myBalsamiq as it uses a different version of the editor for now.

On a side note, we are working hard on going native as fast as we can to extend these great new features to all versions. That’s a huge project for our small team but we hope to have more news to share soon, stay tuned! :smiley:


hey, welll done! you guys got it going on :wink: