[Feature Request] Working with Trash


Hi Balsamiq!

I’ve lost a mockup in my project and was looking for it in the trash. Here were issues…

1. I couldn’t view deleted mockups at 100%, so the trash was unusable for me. Thumbnails are too small to evaluate the whole mockup. I’d like to preview deleted mockup at 100% and decide whether to restore it or not.

Thumbnails work quite good for images/assets, but not for mockups, see me trash below:

2. The other issue is: once been restored, it’s hard to find the restored mockup in the navigator panel. Especially, if one has nested tree. I’d like to have a certain place for the restored mockup. Adding it to the end of the list looks good for me.

Thank you


Hi @Alexey_Kolchenko,

I’ve added a feature request for a full-size view of these trashed wireframes, thanks for sharing your need about it.

I’m not sure that all users would like restored items to be at the end of the list but I’ve added your vote for this one also. If others would find this useful, please let us know!

Thanks once again for sharing your ideas, Alexey! :slight_smile: