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Feature Request: Zoom in presentation mode


Could we have use of ctrl + scroll wheel for zoom? Like we do when building the mock ups.

I am always presenting on a projector of varying resolutions and I am literally never able to get the mocks ups to size particularly well.


Hey Dan, thanks for the request. We are not planning on this as of now. One thing that you do have available that we are planning to enhance is the zoom-to-fit option. If you have a mockup that is larger than your screen, that option will make it possible for you to see the whole thing at once. You can read more here: Thanks!


Hi Ben

That might be the problem. When I use the Zoom to fit the mock up appears tiny with a ton of wasted space. When zoom is off it is like an extreme close up.

I generally resist messing about with the sizes to match exact resolution sizes as it is too time consuming when I want to change something - is that where I am going wrong?


That shouldn’t be the issue, Dan. I’m wondering why it’s giving you so much wasted space when you zoom to fit. I’d love to help you get this figured out. Could you send your project to and we’ll take a look? We keep your data in the strictest confidence and only long enough to verify the software is working properly. Thanks!


I totally agree with Dan, I miss a manual zoom function while presenting. Often I want to concentrate my presentation on a certain part of a mockup, which I would like to zoom on.


I like the idea as well, as when I’m presenting I typically want to focus or establish whatever I have presented in edit mode several times.


The problem is that the presentation mode only offers Zoom Out to Fit - an actual Zoom to Fit (as in mockup mode) should also enlarge the content if the screen is bigger.