Feature requests: Comment control - support for text columns

Hi there! One of my few frustrations with Mockups is lining up columnar text within comments. I can simulate columns by grouping multiple text boxes elsewhere, but tabs don’t seem to be supported in Comment and there is no way that I have found to make text line up properly. Multi-line text wraps, making detailed columnar comments kind of a pain.

Would it be possible to either support tabs natively (e.g. Tab key) or use \t as a tab marker? Or maybe provide an inline table feature similar to Markdown’s? This would be very helpful for detailed comments.

Hi there @Roger_Bonine ,

Thanks so much for the post. We track all feature requests formally and, while I do see a request for better support of tabs in text controls, the (internal) follow-up discussion is not encouraging. The issue is that there’s no standardized way to handle ‘tab alignment’ in text fields in HTML. I have, of course, added your vote in support to our tracking.

In the meantime perhaps you can work around this by overlaying a Data Grid control - which gives you a little more control over text layout - on a Comment control. Something like this:

Maybe you can make that work?

Thanks. For whatever reason, that’s an option that I haven’t considered. D’oh!

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