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[Feature Requests] Cropping and Text Color


1.) Could I get an input box to write the size of the cropped rectangle, instead of cropping in the usual way?
Sometimes I know I want part of an image and it has to be 20x40 for example, I would like to enter this values somewhere instead of dragging the edges of the crop to make it fit.

2.) Would it be possible to change the text colour in a shape?

The border is red,
the background is blue,
I would like to change the text colour,
how about you? :wink:

I know at least 2 workarounds for that ( {colour:…} and creating a text object) but it would be easier to fix it in the shape options, if you want to fine tune the colours.

[Feature] Scrolling while Cropping

Hey @ArcticMe,

Long time no chat! :smile:

I’ve added these requests in our internal tracker so we can review and consider both for the future.

If others would like to see such feature, please let us know, this will help us prioritize these requests.

Thanks for the feedback @ArcticMe