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[Feature requests] Tag input search combobox component (uiSelect)


Hi fellow Mockups 3 users,

My team and I are using Mockups 3 daily and it has been a big help for giving visual aid to our customers, team members, etc. We often use it to create mockups of webapplications, but we are missing a tag input combobox (not sure if this is the correct name for this feature). I included examples below. It would be great if this could be included in a next update.

I hope other users also approve this feature. Thanks!


Hi @Sulsj and welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Actually, you can already achieve this by using existing controls, as show below:

  • First one is made of a ComboBox control overlaid with two Buttons controls (with an Times icon on it).
  • Second one is made with a Text Input control overlaid by the same Buttons and a List control underneath.

Here is a project including those if needed: Color picker ComboBox.bmpr (31 KB)

Hope this will work for you! Please let us know if you need anything else.


Thank you Virgin for providing this solution!
I didn’t know that I could place a Times icon in a button or that I could insert a list in a combobox. This will be a big help.