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Feature requests, to make life simpler


Great to see Mockups 3 continue to improve. I have a few requests that would make my life (a lot) simpler.

Welcome to consider any / all :slight_smile:

  • option to automatically save settings made to drawings tools, so that the setting is default next time.
    (example: it is super annoying that line defaults to 45 degree with 2 arrows).
  • On export: option to auto-number the exported PNGs. I often use my mockups in Word, and it’s either remember what is latest, or keep numbering manually in mockup name. It would be nice to have
    Another File
    Export as something like 001_Mockup1 002_Another File etc
  • Ability to assign most-used drawing tools to function keys, perhaps just even 5 different like F4…F8 or something.
    Could save a lot of mouse movement
  • Rotate (all) objects freely, or at least 90 degree steps.

Thank you for the time


Hey @hsatech,

Thanks for taking the time to share all these ideas, my friend. :slight_smile:

  • Interesting one. Aside from the arrow control, which controls would need this for you?

  • You’re not the first person to ask for this, so I’m adding your vote there to help to prioritize the request.

  • I assume you’d like to see more keyboard shortcuts for drawing the commonly used controls, which ones are those in your case?

  • Rotation is a topic we discussed a lot and we share our thoughts about it here. That being said, it’s always great to get more input about it, so thanks for that.

Thanks again, I’ll make sure to share all those with the team!



The auto-number and rotate should be pretty obvious, so hope you will implement those soon. Both highly needed.

The “auto-save-preferences” could / should as I see it be implemented in drawing tools that are not fixed-size / fixed-parameter (icons/ image/ symbols).

So for any other things, any change you make in settings in right-hand-panel could be remembered. Example: arrow to be horizontal, curly bracket to be left facing, and with different text, etc. Preferably across-drawings (globally). Implementation could be as simple as saving a small XML file in program / userspace directory with options chosen, per tool. This would give me the added ability that I would be able to create different scenarios of drawing with different default, JUST by changing some XML.

This should be by option, globally or per-drawing-tool, so if you do NOT want defaults to change, just untick this behavior.

Reason for requesting this: I spend maybe 20-30% of drawing time modifying parameters in drawing tools. Yes, there is copy/paste/ duplicate, but it would be nice to have this out-of-box without searching for previous instance in my drawing.

Hope this has given you some ideas :slight_smile:


Sometimes adding the H. Line or V. Line controls works well instead of modifying the arrow control. That said I’d also prefer it to default with only one arrow tip instead of two. Ideally we should be able to hold the “A” key and drag an arrow with one tip instantly, just like we can hold R for a rectangle.