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Feature suggestion: Auto fill in dummy data into Datagrid


I’ve realized over the last few months of working in Mockups nearly daily that I spend a rather large amount of time either populating dummy data into my Datagrids or carefully lining up Line of Text elements into the rows and columns. I was delighted when I came across the ‘lorem’ text fill option and I would really love to see something similar for the data grid. Obviously because it would take a lot of coding for it to figure out data type, having it fill in squiggles or such would be perfectly fine.

Just a thought but I’ve had this thought so often I know I can’t be the only one.


I like this idea, @6l17ch.

Just to make sure I’m understanding you correctly: When you add a Data Grid to the canvas, you would like it to be filled with Lorem Ipsum, rather than the dummy data we have there now?

I’m not sure we could do the squiggly font, but I can definitely check on that.

Let me know and I will make sure it gets added to the feature tracker!


Thanks for the quick reply. I can absolutely clarify my thoughts. Overall, when I’m adding a datagrid to a mockup, my goal is to have it represent what it will look like with data but for its contents not to distract from the overall mockup. To this end, I usually like to enter the actual column headers but in the data section I either fill it with dummy data (which I realize would be hard to replicate as there are so many different data types) or place squiggle text/rectangles in the place of the text.

Example 1 (Looks nice but takes forever to come up with believable yet fake data):

Example 2 (an ideal way to fill because it is clear that it is supposed to represent text):

Example 3 (also works but is less clear that it represents text):

The real annoyance I face is having to populate the squiggles or rectangles and then copy/paste, group, align, etc. Ideally this would be an option in the inspector panel under Text: Fill with dummy data. Another way that might work would be if the block of text object could have the same row height adjustment as the Datagrid itself so you could space the lines out to fit.

Either way, thanks for listening to the feedback!


Got it @6l17ch!

The Data Grid is something we are going to visit when we have time - there are a lot of things we want to do better with it. I will add this to that list :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to fully explain everything. It really, really helps!