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[Feature Suggestion] Summary of Controls/Other mockups linking to A Mockup



I have the following suggestion:
I would find it usefull to see what controls/other mockups link to the mockup i’m working on.

I would mainly like to use such a feature in the following situations:

  • When I am revisiting an older project that has to change.
  • When I am taking over a project from one of my colleagues.
  • In large projects with a lot of interactivity between the mockups.
  • When adding a new mockup to quickly check if got all my links in place.

For me this would be an easier way to validate if all the links to the current mockup are still valid after the changes i just made. Now i usually discover potential mistakes by going through the presentation mode.

This might be something that could even be combined with:

What do you think about this suggestion? Do you experience problems with having to reiterate on your links?
If you have alternative ways that help workaround this problem please also let me know.

Kind regards,


Hi @Jens and welcome to our forums! :slight_smile:

This is a very interesting suggestion, thanks for sharing it today. We’ve been discussing this idea since some users have requested it in the past. I’ve added your vote and comments to the discussion, this will help to prioritize it for the future.

In the meantime, here’s a recent feature that may help with this:
You can populate the Site Map control with your own mockups to help visualize the project. You won’t see the links between the mockups but it may be useful. Here’s an example:

Thanks again for taking the time to share you need, this is always very helpful for us. Please keep the ideas coming!