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Feature Suggestions for Balsamiq Mockups 3

Hi Peldi and Team!

First off, I like it a lot.

Took me awhile to figure out a few things so maybe there could be more clarification/instruction on these:

  1. how to bring my previous assets over. Not sure if I did it right but I added them to Symbols now.
  2. How to convert the mockup I downloaded from myBalsamiq.


  1. Can I add a new text style (like a large font) as an element so I can reuse it? I tried adding it to symbols, but then I can’t retype it. It’s neat, however, that the symbols I can automatically add from hitting “/” and typing their name.
  2. I assume I can’t upload a Balsamiq 3 mockup to I wish I knew this before downloading and upgrading the mockup.
  3. Any chance we could have a filter/search box above the mockup names? When we get to a lot of mockups it becomes hard to find what we’re looking for, especially if we remember part of the name of the mockup only.
  4. You might want to highlight the button that can be activated by hitting enter. E.g. it didn’t occur to me that I can rename the mockup and hit enter until I accidentally hit enter.
  5. Please allow extension of text selection. Example: I double-click a word, it highlights it, I’d like to be able to shift click if I need to select the space and comma before it (useful when moving info around in a row of a data grid.
  6. Any chance we can change the naming of clones to use the word “copy” after the title itself such as: “Contacts Copy” instead of "Copy of Contacts”. That way I wouldn’t have to remove the copy of then go to the end and type whatever I want to add afterwards, as well. I could just select the copy and type over it.
  7. Could we get the option to lock certain elements on the layout, so when selecting elements the locked ones won’t be selected?

That’s all for now.


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Hi Agi, thanks so much for taking the time to share you feedback with us. I’ll reply to each point. :smile:

Our hope was that the transition guide ( would help in getting started if needed. If you import an entire project, all the assets will come over.

In case it’s from myBalsamiq, we mention that in the transition guide as well. Basically, you just need to import it as a symbol library:

In my opinion, yes. But you would basically do what you described: make a symbol that is styled how you want it, and then just override the text when you use it. But that would let you adjust the size and style and such.

That’s basically correct—you can’t upload it directly. However, you can do a quick export from B3 (Project > Export > Project to BMMLs ZIP) and then upload the mockup that you need. Getting myBalsamiq up to this new version is one of our highest priorities, although we don’t have an ETA yet.

We have plans for this in the future. Again, no ETA yet.

Great idea! In general, if it’s a one-line thing, you can hit Enter to submit it. If it’s multi-line, usually you can use + ENTER (CTRL+ENTER on PC). But the highlight would make it clearer.

Better text selection is planned

I’ll file a feature request, and we’ll consider it. :smile:

This has actually be in the product since v1. You can use the keyboard shortcut +2 (CTRL+2 on PC) to lock a control and then +3 (CTRL+3 on PC) to unlock everything. There is also an option in the Edit menu, and a lock icon in the app toolbar that is enabled when you have a control selected.

Hopefully that helps! Thanks again for sharing with us.

Hi Ben,

Thank you very much for your response. I actually figured out a lot of the above by now.

If the unlock shows up on right click, then perhaps the lock should show, too. :smile:

Thank you for all the hard work!


That’s a great idea! I’m not quite sure why we’ve never added that before. There might be a reason…but I don’t know it! I’ll add it to our list. Thanks!

Can we have an option for the checkbox “before” and “after”?

I mostly need the checkbox after the text, not beforehand.

And can we have a built-in updater? I’d like to update every time you guys do. :smile:


Hi again @ariley :smile:

The latest official version (3.3.1) also includes a handy way to lock controls from the right-click menu!

Thanks for sharing this idea!

You can get the new version (3.3.1) here:

And the complete release notes are here:

Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Now, as to the updater, when is that coming? :slight_smile:

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We have to wait until we have a native (non-Flash) version of the app to do an automatic updater. But that version is coming :slight_smile:

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Great! Thank you! Why is there a minimum character to enter here? :slight_smile:

It’s an anti-spam thing, I think.

But 20 Characters seems a little ridiculous. Brought it down to 5. :slight_smile: