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[Feature Thanks] Cropping Symbols


For all I know - this has always been a feature, but I never thought to look for a ‘crop’ on a symbol. In fact, I was struggling for what to call the feature I was looking for when I first came here to request it - and then saw that cropping was an option for symbols in the info panel. Lighting bulb moment.

That is exactly what I wanted to do and it’s something I know I’ve wanted to do several times before. So Thanks. :smiley:

Before today I would edit just this version of the symbol and remove the bottom half of it. But then when I needed to change the symbol (In my case this is a table symbol) and add another column or change text - I would have to remember to cancel out the edit override and update to the new symbol and then re-cut off the bottom half.

You’ve just saved me a lot of work.


I love this. Sharing it with everyone so they can love it too.


In this case, I thought it was going to go wrong so I popped over here but halfway through writing the note, I realized it was already solved. I figured you don’t get as many “hurrahs” since folks usually are motivated when things go wrong so I posted anyways. Plus it’s Friday a good day for good news.


This is the perfect Friday thread :). Thank you, Rae.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.