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[Feedback] Adjustable Sidebar Width


Why not have adjustable side bar?


Hey @dantappin, thanks for your feedback. This is planned on our list for the future. No ETA yet, but look for it soon-ish. I’m adding your vote to our internal tracker. Thanks!


I’d like to +1 this as well.

There’s been talk about a hierarchy system in the side panel, and this functionality would definitely be a prerequisite.


Hi there! This is ready for testing here: - let us know what you think!


no problems so far.
Good improvement :slight_smile:


now there are some problems :smile:

If you have a mockup with a long name and you change the size of the sidebar width the label gets cut of.

When selecting the “long label mockup” you see the label has more space:

Also: when zooming in the wireframes I expect some “jumping” when selecting and selecting groups and text within groups which made it feels weird to change mockups.
It only happens if the sidebar width is big. When selecting and deselecting items the sidebar “shrinks” everytime a few pixels.


Hi @heringsfilet, thanks for the testing. What build are you using? I thought I fixed those issues yesterday.


was 470. Now it is 477 and bug is fixed :smile:


Hi everybody,

We shipped the feature in the official version. :smiley:

You can read the complete release notes of version 3.1.2 here:

You can get the latest release here: