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Feedback: I wish "Crop" didn't start off at a smaller size


Most frequently when I use the crop tool, I want to snip off just a bit of the image I have, often only on one dimension (e.g. I need to cut off an image at the bottom, or just the side). Unfortunately, when I hit the “Crop” tool, Balsamiq automatically provides a cropped area smaller on 2 dimensions meaning that I’m almost always having to move one border back to the natural edge of my image and then modifying the other.

I’d love to see the Crop default to staying to the full edge of the image and then allowing the user to move the borders in tighter to crop (instead of trying to guess where the user wants to crop.

I can see how the current implementation hits home to the user what will happen when they crop in closer, but this seems like a little win compared to the drawback of having the user always need to un-do part of the default “help” provided.


Thanks for the feedback. I can understand how you want it to be more efficient for your typical case. We show the cropped (masked selection) at that level to make it clear what’s happening. Our thinking is that this helps with making the function of the handles apparent, as compared with starting the handles too close to the actual edges of the image.

In the case where you’re shaiving off a small portion from one side, I would start by clicking the bottom right handle and sizing the mask area to fit the whole image first, then use a side handle to shorten the side you want to mask out.


I suspected that “pre-cropping” the image was a UX enhancement meant to help guide the user the first time, but it’s an interaction done enough that perhaps it’s not necessary. Your recommendation for how to crop is a two step process and I’d love a 1 step process that fits my mental model (I can do it in one step today, but it can be a tad more challenging to make sure I keep one dimension where I want it while changing another). Just a thought!


Perhaps double clicking in the centre of the crop window and adding an entry to the [Crop Group, Cancel] floating menu could reset the crop window to the extents.

Simple to reset and can drastically speed up a workflow.


This continues to be a thorn in my side. Any chance the team will be address this? Colin’s suggest of a double-click to maximize the crop area would be a win, or just starting it off that way to begin with. I end up wishing for this multiple times a day when working with existing underlying screenshots.

The frustration is even greater when I’m cropping a screenshot that I have to scroll to maximize because the click-drag of the crop doesn’t scroll as my mouse goes out of the view. So it’s multiple clicks and slows me down.


Hey @grebe

Sorry we let this one sit. I think the idea to double click to enlarge the crop window is a good one. I’ll give the team a nudge and see if what we can do about it.

Thanks for bringing this back up. I’m sorry that it got lost in the shuffle!


Not pre-cropping would be a nice little time saver for me also.

I use cropping to allow the whole interface to be detailed but then presented within an appropriately sized view window. (E.g. Smartphone.)