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Few possible improvements for {color}

  1. please allow {/color} as closing. I am always putting it there becase of HTML :slight_smile:
  2. And i wonder, that it might be even shorten and easier:
    {color:red this is the red text}
  3. or even
    {red: this is red text}
    (but this somehow limit the usage of curly brackets, if somoneone would want to use them, but i guess they are used very rarely and even more rarely with #hexa or color-pallete-name followed by collon, just after the initial bracket and in those rare cases the user could use leading backslash {red: as with other similar other problems
  4. and maybe even more - have the ability to use default highlight color with simply curly brackets {this is highlighted with default highlight color} but i am not sure if someone use curly brackets normaly (there could be option in menu, convert or not convert it)


I am guilty of more than my share of {/color}s, so I totally get the frustration there, Tomas.

My concern is that if we go about changing the syntax now, we will confuse everyone who has gotten used to it. Text formatting is such a fundamental part of the app.

I’ll talk to the team though and see if there are any of these that we can do in addition to the existing {color} commands. I like the idea of having a simple flag to use the highlight color.

Thanks Tomas! Hope everything is going well you!


you too brandan.

P.S.: i do not think that changing sytax is a problem - you can always use internaly one syntax, but in the edit window you can show the syntax prefered by the user. (similar problem as semicolon instead of commas in our previous discussion).