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File Open Operations Get Progressively Slower


The File Open dialog seems to get progressively slower after the first time it is launched. I’m doing it from the Import Assets button to pull an image from disk, but have also seen it on the Project -> Import -> BMML mockups menu.

To reproduce, open Balsamiq, go to Assets, click Import Asset. (It opens immediately), cancel it, and then click Import Asset again. This time it takes 15-20 seconds. Click Import Assets once more, and it doesn’t come back for around 2 minutes.

The directory does have 1300 icon images.


Hey Eric, sorry we didn’t follow up earlier. We put this right on our list for development investigation, but didn’t reply to you. :frowning:

We couldn’t reproduce this, even with huge numbers of assets. Could you maybe snag the latest version and see if this is better for you? We’d love to know if it’s still a problem. Thanks!


I just downloaded and it seems to be working just fine now, thankfully.

Thanks for checking.