File Overwritten with Auto Save Feature



So, I was working on a mockup when I decided to save it, and work on another.
I thought I can just work on the same file but use Save Project As… when I am done.
However, when I was done and was about to save as…, I discovered that for some reason the autosave feature on every change was on. Did I lose everything forever? Or is there a way to retrieve the previous mockup?

If it is gone forever, may I suggest taking a look at Nielsen’s heuristics: Visibility of system status.
Video games display an icon that informs the user that the game is saving, I believe adding this would be very beneficial.

Otherwise, cool software, cool devs, and :+1:'s for you all, for all of your hard work.


Hi @5lood237 and sorry for the trouble with this project.

We added a local backup system for all projects so let’s check in your local store folder for a backup. The folder is called “LocalProjects”, as detailed here. Hopefully, you will find the desired version of your project there.

Since creating “alternative” projects from existing ones seems to be an important part of your workflow, I would recommend disabling the autosave feature so that you can decide when to save or save as. Alternatively, you could create a copy of a project before starting to work on a different version of it if needed.

Hope this helps and sorry again for the trouble. Please let us know if you need any further help, we’re here to help! :slight_smile: