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File size over 20 Mb & other errors


Good day,

Firstly, wanted to say that we didn’t had that many issues with Mockup 2 as with version 3.
Secondly, wrote an e-mail via support page on 6th of November, 2015 and still haven’t received any notion about the status, that’s why I’m writing here!

OS - Win 7 x64
CPU - Pentium i3 @ 3.00 GHz
VGA - Intel 4000 HD
Ram - 10Gb

  1. After purchasing Mockup 3, it didn’t open the files, stating: “The following file was not imported because its size is over 20Mb” (see the attach. Error-1.png), but at the same time, a file well over 50Mb was opened. After the attempt to open this 20Mb file, none of the files were opened - needed a pc restart. Sometimes, couldn’t even open Mockup 3 before or after the restart, felt like a gamble.

Task Manager, AppData folder file deletion, Registry file deletion, Re-install and Update worked in some form or another. But, problems aren’t solved.

  1. Ok, now I’ve got fresh, re-installed, cleaned version (3.2.4.). I make a new file, save it, later on, add some changes and save it again. Next or the same day, I open the Mockup 3 and that bastard shows me the first saved version. Nothing is and could be saved after! Each time, for every minor change, new saved copy has to be made!

  2. Mockup 2 and Mockup 3 files (see the attach. Error-2.png). For example: I have opened a Mockup 3 file, but I need something from Mockup 2 project, simple drag and drop works. Then, I copy what’s needed and try to add another Mockup 3 file from different project by drag and drop and this beauty pops out - “The following file was not imported because its size is over 20Mb”.

  1. Why has it loaded elements from 4 year old projects? They are showing in every new page. This is a minor issue and most likely linked to the other. Can live with that, but not with the ones described above!

Best regards,


Hi @Albert,

Firstly, so sorry for not getting back to you earlier! I tried to reply your email multiple times on the 6th of November but ended up on a failure notification for each attempt. I think there was a typo in the email entered.

To your issues, would you be available for a video-call (today maybe) so we can go through this together and try to solve it? If so, please send me an email to with your preferred time for a call and we’ll set it up.

Sorry for the hassle, we’ll get to the bottom of it!


Hello @Virgin,

Sadly, this week at least, won’t be able to do a video-call.
One of the option is trying different machine, but have licensed only one pc.
Trial version maybe?


No worries at all @Albert. You can actually use you license on another computer of yours if needed (more details here but let’s try to solve these issues on your machine first:

  1. In Mockups 3, all mockups and assets are now in one BMPR file versus multiple BMML files perviously in version 2. Now the best way to import elements is to drag and drop mockups
    from one BMPR project to another if needed.
    Also, to help reducing the size of a BMPR file, please try to empty the trash as it may have some elements you don’t need anymore and could help here.

  2. Sorry about that, Mockups 3 has an auto-save feature (more details here and you shouldn’t have to worry about saving your work as long as the file was saved once. Any chance that you have different BMPR files named the same way? If so, please look for “BMPR” on the computer and it should display all the projects you have there.

Also, we recently added a new backup system of all projects locally to an internal folder. You can find that folder by clicking on the “Balsamiq Mockups 3” menu item and selecting “About Balsamiq Mockups.” There will be a link that says “Open local store folder”. Clicking on that will reveal that local folder where you can check for a backup of your project in the LocalProjects folder.

  1. As detailed in 1), the best way to import elements is now to drag and drop mockups
    from one BMPR project to another.

  2. Did you import from a BMML folder? If so, that folder might contain the elements you don’t need anymore. The best way to import only the content you need would be to import BMML files instead of whole projects/BMML folder (Project > Import > BMML Mockups…).

In addition, here is the link for the full documentation of Mockups 3 if needed:

Sorry again for the hassle with these. Please let us know if you need any further support or information, we’re here to help. :smile: