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Finding a mockup

Hi all,

I have a large number of mock ups that I am working with. Despite being well organized, I sometimes have difficulty finding the mock up I am looking for. When this occurs, I have found that using the “Export to PDF” which shows me a complete list of the mock ups and scrolling through is the quickest way to find what I am looking for. This is a hack though though.

Is there a better approach?

Thank you.

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Hey Doug,

If a more readable list is what you’re after, it may help to change the navigator to List view, rather than Thumbnail view.

You can do that by clicking this button:


Is that enough, or would a search feature be more useful to you?

Let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you - did that, but with many “Groups” (indented) many of the mocks are hidden unless I manually “open” them all by clicking the arrow to expand and show the indented mockups. This is compounded by indents within indents.

Is there a method of expanding/collapsing all indented items?

Thank you.

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Doug, you can switch to the Thumbnail view to browse all the pages/mockups:


@Doug - Does the Full Screen View help? You can use cursor keys when focus is on the left hand sidebar to quickly navigate between mockups. It would save you having to generate a PDF each time.

Being able to search to filter the mockup list by name could be a very useful addition.

Being able to search for any text within all mockups would be useful too.

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Thank you guys, I’ll give your suggestions a try.

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Please add a “Search” field. When I am reviewing mockups with clients in realtime, we are referencing the mockup’s by name. Without a way to sort alphabetically or filter/search, it is cumbersome, especially with indented pages. Its time consuming and cumbersome.