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Finding settings and sharing project is Balsamiq 3


Hi there, I don’t use this software often so I am not a guru but the previous version allowed me to view my project in one view and then I could click on that project and choose to invite people or share the project. I can’t remember how I did this on previous version but I for the life of me can’t find out where to do this. I have googled this and it says go to settings but I can’t see settings anywhere either no on any dropdowns. I am very surprised I can’t find this!!! Please help!!!

The other version was a trial version but this Mockup 3 doesn’t seem to have any or these settings or sharing? Am I missing something?


Are you talking about myBalsamiq?

In the projects overview ( xyz is your account) you have the round setting gear button (at the bottom right) of each project.
with “Manage Members” you can add new members (but not invite new one)
New Members must be invited in the “staff” view: (xyz is your account)


Hi @Shareen and sorry for the confusion with this.

You’re right, Mockups 3 for Desktop does not have the same sharing options than our web version. As @heringsfilet mentioned, it definitely sounds like you were using myBalsamiq (rather than Mockups 3 for Desktop), our web version, before.

In fact, I’ve found a myBalsamiq site that was created with your email address, so I’ve restarted the trial for you. I’ve sent the details in a private message.

In case you’d like to continue using the Desktop version instead, here are the ways to share your mockups there.

Let us know if you need anything else, we’ll be here to help! :slight_smile: