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[FIXED] Adding notes in fullscreen mode causing issues

Balsamiq Edit: This has been fixed in version 3.5.9


Relatively new user to Balsamiq for windows here. When running my mockups in full screen mode with the information/notes pane exposed, I frequently need to add notes based on peer feedback. Unfortunately, whenever I start typing into the notes field, the pane “closes” and shows the full screen settings pane instead. Help!

Yikes @Mike_Marx, you’re right.

Even more embarrassing is that it looks like we broke this a while ago. I’m sorry that no one noticed until now, Mike, but we appreciate you taking the time to post about it.

It looks like the feature works in 3.4.1 (Windows/macOS), so you can downgrade to that if you would like. Otherwise, we will get it fixed ASAP.

I’m sorry again for the trouble, Mike, but thank you for reporting it!

Thanks for the quick reply! Much appreciated!

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Here’s another one - renaming an alternate by selecting an existing value from the drop down causes zoom of the page to reset.

I believe that has to do with how the reference is handled in the project file - the editor treats it as a new mockup, rather than the old one renamed.

I’ll see if there is anything we can do about it. Thanks again for the report, Mike!

Maybe it’s just me but I find full screen mode hard to use and navigate around. If sharing my screen I just hide the 3 toolbar panels instead. I also don’t use project notes but comment items. In case you were wondering why it wasn’t noticed earlier :wink:

Thanks for sharing your workflow @Ryan. Please let us know if you can think of any way to improve the Full Screen Presentation Mode, we’d love to do better! :slight_smile:

Just zooming in and moving around to different corners of the page seems unintuitive and difficult, that’s all. Needs the same controls as normal view imo. :wink:

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Hi friends,

We just released our latest official version (3.5.9) including the fix for this annoying bug. Thanks again for the report!

The new version (3.5.9) is available here.
And the complete release notes are here if needed.