[FIXED] Background & Text Colors in Text input, Rectangles etc problems?


Hi, I am having problems to use colors in Text input, Rectangles etc.
Although these features contain color choice boxes (for text, background and/or borders) I cannot select any color. Whether I click on the color or write the color code, the selection comes out as black

Any suggestions?


Hi @Al_H and sorry for the trouble!

We introduced this bug in our latest release but the good news is that our dev team was able to find the root cause and fix it. The fix will be included in our next release (probably early next week).

Just so you know, the issue is triggered when you start to use any other menu from the Property inspector.

In the meantime, reloading your page should do the trick.

Sorry again for the hassle and thanks for your report.

Have a great weekend! :slight_smile:


Hi @Al_H,

We just released a new Balsamiq Cloud version that includes the fix for this bug when trying to select a color.

​Sorry again for the hassle and thanks again for your report! ​We’ll be here if you need anything else.


Thanks for the update and the followup Virgin!