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[FIXED] [Bug] Text element does not save "tab" when it is the last entry

Balsamiq Edit: This has been implemented in version 3.3.14

Create a text element
write some text
use “tab” to align a certain text to the next tabstop
the last “tab” is not saved (it is simply missing)
you can go back into the text and put the tab in as often as you want, as soon as you enter the text area it’s gone again.

typing a tab and some letter saves the tab correctly, then going back in and deleting that additional letter works

I do remember seeing this behaviour a while ago already

Ugh, sorry about that @Lesani!

I’ll get this filed so we can fix it. Thanks for taking the time to report it, my friend :).

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No problem at all :slight_smile:

I’ts actually fun to report stuff here with you, because I see stuff happening - and even if I don’t see some of the things that are high prio for me (e.g. proper font alignment for Arial) in the deployed versions, atleast you react and I have the feeling someone listened.
Good work and +1 to you on that!

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Hi @Lesani ,

We just released our latest official version (3.3.14) including the fix for this bug.
Thanks again for the report! Let us know if you need anything else. :slight_smile:

The new version (3.3.14) is available here.
And the complete release notes are here if needed.