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[Fixed in 3.5.13] Bug in 3.5.11: setting text color via color dropdown does not work


in version 3.5.11 I am experiencing the following bug which does not occur in 3.5.9:
When trying to change color of text via color dopdown in inspector, the chosen color does not get applied, text color remains unchanged.
OS: Mac OS Sierra, Adobe Air


Have the same issue on Windows. Though, you can use {color:#777}Text{color} to make the text in the specified color.


Thanks for the report @jan, we’ll get it fixed!

As @Alexey_Kolchenko mentioned, these notations seem to work fine in the meantime or you can grab version 3.5.9 for Mac here.

Sorry for the trouble!


Yes, thanks for confirming this bug, I will stay on 3.5.9 until this issue has been fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

Current Release of Mockups 3 for Desktop: 3.5.16

Hey Jan,

Thanks for reporting this. We just released a build that fixes this bug. You can grab 3.5.13 here.

Let us know if you see any other weirdness. :slight_smile: