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[FIXED] Unexpected security token error - big troubles logging in



I’m a recent user of balsamic online. I’m having big troubles login in on my devices. Too often I get the security token error and constantly need to delete my cookies to be able to login. This happens in all browsers. Even with the reset password screen. I also often get logged out as soon as I want to enter a project. When I want login again I receive again the annoying error.
I have never experienced such login problems on any online platform.
Nobody else experiencing this?

Thanks for any feedback



Hi @TomM,

So sorry for the snag! We are currently experiencing spikes in our network traffic that are causing trouble with the session handling. This results in people getting logged out or being unable to log in. We are investigating the issue, and the dev team is working on a fix as we speak.

If you need immediate access to a myBalsamiq project, I’m happy to download any project you need from your site so you can continue to work on it in Mockups 3 for Desktop in the meantime. Please let me know which data you need, and I’ll make it happen! I can also give you a Mockups 3 for Desktop trial extension in case you already used a trial.

Sorry again for the trouble and thanks for bearing with us while we work on fixing this one.

We’ll post an update here as soon as we have news to share.


Thank you, I finally managed and checked “keep me logged in for a month”. Problem seems solved for now.


I’m glad to hear that @TomM! :slight_smile:

We are still getting some reports so I wouldn’t say that we are out the woods yet, but it’s great to hear that you’ve seen some improvement. We’re here if you need anything else.