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Flashplayer 11.2


This a basic question that no one has been able to help in the school I go to, not even the computer science teacher. I made an account, everything seemed basic, I gave my project a title, and I clicked on the project to begin designingc it. But then I clicked and it said, requires flash player 11.2. So I went to my App Store to look for it. I wish there was a link for the flash player required because every flash player like app I tried didn’t work. I thought it must be my IPad, so the computer science teacher checked for updates, everything was good, she rebooted it, and we tried again looking for the correct flash player, none of theme worked. Can you provide a link to the flashplayer required for this program on an iPad ?


Hey @Mhenna11, I’m really sorry about the hassle here.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a version of Flash that runs on the iPad. :person_frowning: Adobe doesn’t offer a version of flash for any mobile platforms, so you would have to use a computer to edit your mockups.

It won’t be like this for much longer - we are working on a native version of the editor for all of our products. We are hoping to be able to talk more about that soon.

All the same, I’m sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you right now. If you log into your account on one of your school’s computers, you should have no problem editing your mockups.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you get set up.