Floating wireframe

if i click a button i need a wireframe to be floating only, how to do that


Hey @rickitek,

Thanks for your post, my friend. I’m not sure I’m completely following what you’re looking for here. Can you tell me a little more about what you mean by a floating wireframe?

if i click the report button a window will show up partially or floating(not sure if im using the correct term). is balsamiq has this feature


Hi @rickitek

We understand now - thank you!

Taking a step back, it’s important to remember that, as a low-fidelity wireframing tool, interaction is deliberately limited in Balsamiq Wireframes.

But you could still achieve the effect you are looking for by creating ‘before’ and ‘after’ wireframes and linking them together.

I put together a very simple demo of what I mean:


I have also attached the project I used to demonstrate this so you can take a look at the actual controls and see what I did.

Any questions, we’re here and happy to help!

interaction.bmpr (96 KB)

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