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Flowchart options in Balsamiq


I know this may sound bit irrelevant, since Balsamiq is a mockup tool,
but I’m looking at it as a end to end solution for designing the project.
Balsamiq helps people to visualize screens whereas understanding the feature/functionality flows is equally important,
I was trying to create flow chart in Balsamiq but found lack of “flowchart” symbols.
(I am now using different tool for the same, but it’s troublesome to capture image from other tool and pasting it in Balsamiq etc.)
I would be really great if these options are provided (like branching, etc)


Hey @Shital! Hope you had a nice weekend. :slight_smile:

Have you tried using our Site Map control by any chance?
The related documentation can be found here.

You also have these Wireframes to Go elements that may help.

Please let us know if you’re still missing something there. Our tool is meant to be a starter tool but we’re always happy to discuss features that may help our users!


Thank you Virgin! this will help up to certain level,
but very basic i was looking for is

  1. decision box (diamond)
  2. Connectors (Arrows -to show how the flow is),
  3. Start/End of flow


Thanks for the details, my friend!

I’ll add your vote for this feature request but in the meantime, it sounds like the Wireframes to Go elements might help you to achieve this.


Is there a list of feature requests somewhere?

Simple flow charting would be a useful feature to have in Balsamiq - save me using one extra tool and having flows in another place. Could link from the flow boxes to the relevant wireframes in the prototype.


Hi @Meza,

Thanks so much for the post!

We track all feature requests formally but we do not keep a public list. I’ll add your vote in support of improved flow chart controls but, in the meantime, it’s possible this Wireframes To Go library will meet your requirements: Wireframes To Go: Flow Charts