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Followup on custom properties in Balsamiq Cloud



i just checked again to see the status of Cloud because i guess sooner or later we have to switch over from myBalsamiq - unfortunately there is still no way to get any “meta information” into an export.

We use custom properties excessively to create a whole app-translation-workflow that works flawlessly - our clients translate the apps themselves, inside myBalsamiq, then we export all Mockups and transform the exported Mockup XML to string files for apps. Inside the custom properties we keep the keys/ids, it is perfect (no one has to see them but in the export they exist).

Are there any plans to have maybe just one additional fields for notes in the properties inspector for elements? Would that not be a very minor addition? I guess we could then switch immediately…



Hey @Gerald

We haven’t actually thought a lot about custom properties in Balsamiq Cloud because almost no one used them in myBalsamiq/Mockups 3, so I don’t have a good answer for you right now. I will, however, talk to the dev team about this.

Another potential sticking point is that Cloud doesn’t export to XML. Our modern editors all export to JSON, though - would that still work for your workflow?


I still think you had a hen/egg problem with the first version - if you would promote our usecase this would open up a whole new target group, our clients love the ease of translation directly inside the mockups and the translation quality is far better than based on working inside excel sheets without ANY context! We ourselves only stumbled across the custom properties by accident…

Regarding your question: absolutely no problem, we would adapt the engine and switch to JSON!


And stressing again: All we need is a info field, for every element, that gets exported - we could do it all with that…


I hear ya, and that’s good to hear that it would work fine with JSON.

I’ll talk to the dev team about this, Gerald. We probably won’t be able to talk about it in-depth until after the desktop apps ship, but I will make sure it’s on our list. :slight_smile: