FontAwesome 5.0


Are there any plans to make FontAwesome 5 available as an icon library (perhaps alongside 4.7)? We looked at importing PNGs of the icons as Assets, but the implementation is not as clean as having it natively supported as an icon library.


Hi @AxiomNH

Our plan is to incorporate updated versions of FontAwesome as they become available. I don’t have a firm timeline for 5.0 but I’ve added your request to our tracking and I’ll get you an update when I can.

All the best and thanks for the request,


Using Font Awesome 5 PRO with Balsamiq Mockups 3

I would also like to see Balsamiq updated with at least the free version of FontAwesome 5 with it’s updated and additional icons, though getting all 2183 + upcoming category packs would be incredible. :slight_smile:


Adding Font Awesome 5 icons to Balsamiq would be… Awesome!


I’m keen to see FA v5 in Balsamiq Cloud too!