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Force view to left left side of canvas

I see comments on this topic, but I do not see one that addresses my specific concern. I am wondering if there is a way to force the canvas to top/left.

The issue is that, on Mac OS X, it would seem that repositioning of the program’s windows repositions the view of the exposed canvas within the such that it shifts mockups out of position (i.e., all the way to the left). so then all the mockups are out of position.

Would pressing ⌘0 (Zoom to Fit) followed by ⌘1 (Actual size) position the canvas here you want it?

Hey @radiator, I’m sorry this is giving you fits.

I’m trying to reproduce this, but I am having trouble. Do you mind giving me a bit more information (either here or shooting an email to so that we can dig deeper on this? A quick screencast would be ideal.

I’m sorry for the hassle but we really want to figure this out!

EDIT: Well in reviewing the zoom functionality further - it seems there is more here than meets the eye. Is there a way to do an absolute zoom? As some of my mockups use more canvas than others.


Well the first problem is that I do not use command-zero as my default zoom, I use command-zero and then command-plus (basically zoom one level).

But setting that aside, one of the issues is that the focus seems to remain on the last selected item for a markup. So if there is an item selected, and I leave the markup, then return, that item is still selected. Then any zooming will be relative to that item rather than just defaulting back to the upper left part of the canvas.

So it seems to me that one thing that could help is an option that deselects all objects in a mockup when another mockup in a project is edited. I realize that there is probably an interest for having that strictly as an option. as I see the need to have the zoom and focus remain for mockups, especially complex ones. But my mockups are all the same size by design so I can move quickly between them.

I use Keyboard Maestro - maybe I can mock up something that will force the behavior.

Anyway, am still looking at the various interactions and will try to report back anything insightful.

Zoom to fit, as @garethm suggested, should give you the absolute zoom you are looking for.

But it also seems like remember the zoom position across sessions is what would really help you in the long run. Let me add your comments to our internal thread so that we can talk about it!

OK, but Zoom to Fit does not give the exact zoom because some mockups are bigger than others. For instance, you can have an iPhone diagram in one place, and an a another diagram (e.g., a help screen text block) that extends well below the iPhone (so iPhone on the upper left corner help text to the right of it extending down the page). This might be the case for 6 mockups out of 100.

So in these case, I think it would be useful to have say a fixed, predefined zoom that is:

  1. irrespective of what is on the screen, and
  2. irrespective of window size.

Maybe another way to say this is:

  1. anchor the default display of all the mockups to the upper left corner, and
  2. set the zoom to the same grid size for each mockup.

So my mind of a best scenario:

  1. press one button to reset all of the mockup positions to that described
  2. if you really want to change the zoom of a given mockup, you can do that and it will be saved to however you altered it.
  3. on any given mockup that has been modified, you can have a button to reset to that single mockup to the default view (i.e, upper left corner at a particular zoom)
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Well, I toyed around with this a bit more. One issue that I have a multi screen setup, with horizontal monitors, vertical, laptop screen, etc. Anyway, I am constantly changing window configurations. And I still am not quite sure why the shifting of the canvas takes place.

With that said, I came up with a workaround (for now).

  1. I have most of the mockups set to the same size now. So when I scale the mockup to zoom to fit, the mockups come to about the same size.

  2. I configure the mockup to a standard presentation of (a) iPhone; (b) Help Menu for that particular view (same size as the iPhone; © Developer Notes (same size as iPhone. If either the developer or help menu requires additional text than what would normally be dictated by the font and the given space within that box, I can just make the font smaller (this does not happen very often).

  3. Using Keyboard Maestro, I execute the Command-0 command anytime that the focused window title changes. In this way, as I arrive at a new mockup, the Command-0 command is immediately executed.

I’m still optimizing this but its close to solving the problem.

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