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FR: Allow Renaming / Moving of Mockups without breaking external links


Currently the only way to link to a mockup is using

The problem is, if you move a mockup to a different project or rename the mockup, any links to the mockup no longer work. We use an issue tracking system (JIRA) where I link to the mockups as part of the specification for various user stories, and I frequently want to rename mockups or move them between projects without having to worry about breaking the links in JIRA.

There are two possible ways to do this:

  1. Instead of using /project_name/mockup_name as the URL, instead use a GUID that is permanently tied to that mockup regardless what it is named or where it is located
  2. Add the ability to generate a GUID URL in addition to /project_name/mockup_name so that both the relative path link and the GUID link work.

This will allow you to rename or move your mockup without breaking external links to it.


Hi @cantrips,

Thanks for taking the time to provide such details in your request.

At present, you should be able to rename a mockup project in myBalsamiq without having issues regarding its image permalink which will remain valid.

Regarding moving a mockup to a different project, for this you will need to get the new permalink as the previous one would not be valid.
Please find the related informations here:

I handed your suggestion on to the team. We will consider your suggestion of adding references by ID in the future as we work on harmonizing our versions to always provide a best experience for you, stay tuned! :smile: