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FR: Changing styling of Datagrid Header row


Hi there,

I’d like to request that the datagrid component gets an update that will allow for the header row to be customised. In particular:

  • Specifying the font size
  • Specifying the header row background color
  • Specifying the header row height

Are there any plans for these?

Many thanks,



Hey Neil, thanks for taking the time to toss some ideas our way! The Data Grid is something we are always looking to improve.

You are not the first person to ask about font size; and it is something we are looking in to. I have added your comment to the feature tracker.

I’ve added a header color picker to the feature tracker, but we do have a workaround in place for things like this. If you create a rectangle with 25% opacity, change it to the color you want, and then overlay it on top of the header, you can get your desired background color. We have a FAQ about it here

As for being able to change the header row height, you can make it larger by adding “\r” in the header portion of the Data Grid’s text editor (more info here Were you looking for more granular control than that?

Keep those feature requests coming, Neil! We are always listening. :smiley:


Hi there,

Thanks for the reply. I am already using these work arounds :smile:

I would prefer being able to specify the height of the header instead of using ‘\r’ before and after header text (a note on this - if you use it alongside v^ the icons aren’t rendered, so you have to use ‘\r’ in a header cell where there aren’t sorting indicators).

Having controls for headers in the datagrid would make the datagrid feel more complete.


Right on, Neil. I would love for the Data Grid to feel more complete for folks. We will be talking these features over in the future, for sure.

Thanks again :smile:


I would like to second this. We can nicely set the row height for content, but the header stays a little line with cramped content.
Its been a bit over half a year (226 days according to the “revive” message) and lots of changes implemented since - is this coming sometime soon?


I’ve just added your vote for this @Lesani. I don’t have a specific date for this, but your vote will help to prioritize the request.

In the meantime, I wanted to make sure you saw the workaround mentioned above: you can use \r in the Data Grid header row to make it larger, as detailed here.

Thanks for sharing your need today, please let us know if you need anything else.


I’d also like to vote for this. I do the workaround now, but it would be much easier. Thanks!