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Freehand drawing tool


Hello Balsamiq Team,
Although Balsamiq Mockups 3 is a great product, still at times I feel if we can have a free hand drawing tool to our arsenal, we can draw some complex idea quite easily to share with team members. Do you have any plans in near future to update toolbox with free hand drawing tool?



Hi @pandeytapan,

Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your suggestion.

I understand having a live drawing tool could be really useful.
We have plans to add it in our little tool but no ETA yet. I’ve added your vote for this in our internal tracker, that will help us prioritize the request.

If others would like to see this feature, please let us know (or add your Like/Heart vote above).



This feature will be a great for those who have a moment of inspiration/imagination which need to expressed by hand draw. How I will see this type of new feature implemented in the balsamiq, is something like a draw-inside-a-panel tool. After that this feature can be implemented globally as a top-layer of everything. I hope that will be implemented in the next release. Good luck!

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Any update on this freehand tool? it would really make symbol creation much easier for bespoke elements.




Hi @WickedW and thanks for checking on this one.

Right now, our main focus is on going native (starting with our web product) but I’ll give it a nudge and see where we stand on this one. I’m also adding your vote for it! :slight_smile:

Anything else, we’re here!

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Add my vote too. I would love a freehand drawing tool. Thanks for the updates.

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Hi, add my vote please (although this is a bit old). Even if it’s a polygon tool.

Actually, even if it relies on some thing else that leverages site assets. I really respect the focus of Balsamiq to keep it simple. Another idea which I would find acceptable as an end user is to perhaps have SVG symbols in the Assets that have parameters that come up in the shape properties pane in balsamiq. How this is accomplished might require some guides, but a workflow that I would be okay with is:

  • Use a free SVG editor (there are plenty online) to create an SVG symbol
  • Have some kind of markup that can be as either element IDs or in the SVG itself by a user that is recognised by Balsamiq as “Oh, you want me to change the fill and border colour as an option in this shape?”.

Obviously, it’s an advanced process, but many people mocking up web interfaces probably have access to someone who can build some custom symbols that can go into balsamiq (alternatively, provide a cut down symbol editor, I just propose an SVG as a site asset as a stop-gap).

We have a number of symbols that we use in some desktop applications we use and are planning colour schemes and interactions (so clicking on parts of an SVG would be great to link to somewhere else), but the features of Balsamiq would make this such a great place to document and test, if it supported SVG or freehand or polygons.



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I just signed into this forum to search about the pencil like tool !



Hi @Biboswan98 and thanks for sharing your need.

We have no immediate plans for this one but I’m adding your vote to help prioritizing the request.

Let us know if you need anything else.