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Freeze on startup


I’m using Balsamiq 3 for desktops. I tried to open a BMPR file that I believe may have been corrupt in some way - (I suspect it was a victim of a CR/CRLF swap.) It caused Balsamiq to become essentially unresponsive. I terminated the process (and even tried rebooting) but now when I double-click the Balsamiq application icon, it looks like Balsamiq is trying to find and open that mockup at startup, which is causing it to go unresponsive again.

I don’t know where that offending BMPR file resides or I would just delete it (the corrupt file was originally opened by my git client software and I don’t know where it has that file stashed.)

Can I force Balsamiq to start with an empty mockup rather than trying to reload the last file?


I just solved my own problem. Posting the answer here in case someone else has the problem in the future. I had even tried uninstalling Balsamiq and AIR and re-installing but the problem was still there (Balsamiq was still remembering the bad file.)


  1. From the windows command line, change directory to %AppData%
  2. Remove the Balsamiq folders (there were two for me)

This may have removed some minor preference info like “recent” files but at least Balsamiq is back online for me now.


Hi @bbeswick

Thanks for taking the time to explain the issue and how you solved it.

The approch you choose is currently the only one to force balsamiq mockups 3 to forgett which projects were open in the last session.
We shipped today a new release that has a change that prevents the application to hang in one scenario that we identified.

You can get the latest version (3.1.5) here: