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French keyboard does not work complete anymore

Since I upgraded to the new balsamiq 4 version, I can’t use the ALT + GR character anymore, while editing text field : So I can’t get the [ character which is pretty important. I can’t get also the #jiracloud
I use the very last version. A german user got the same problem some days ago but for him the problem seemed to be solved. Any ideas ?

(azerty french keyboard )

thanks and take care.

BTW : unable to select Mockups 4 for the category of ticket ! You should create a new category :wink:

Hey @Claude.

All of our French keyboard users are done for the day, but we will test this first thing in the morning!

Sorry for the trouble, my friend.

(ps, you can use the Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop category. We retired the Mockups name when we retired all of our Adobe Air desktop apps.:slight_smile: )

Hey Claude,

@Virgin won’t be back until Monday, but we will test that then (sorry, I thought Florian had a french keyboard, but he did not).

We have been catching issues with language specific characters (and keyboard shortcuts) a lot, so once we reproduce this, it should be a quick fix!

OK Thanks. Keep me informed.



Confirmed, @Claude. Looks like it’s Windows only.

We will get it fixed!


Should be fixed in tomorrow’s release :crossed_fingers:

Thanks Brendan, and fast fix !

I stay tuned to test this release.


Le mar. 7 avr. 2020 à 15:52, Brendan Saricks via Balsamiq Community Discussion a écrit :

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Hi Claude,

The release with the fix is out.
You can get 4.0.29 here:

now it works ! thanks.