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Frequent login/session problems with MyBalsamiq


I just signed up for the MyBalsamiq trial and while I like the software, the reliability has not been confidence inspiring at all. When I first signed in, I kept getting repeated messages about how I had been logged out… so I’d log back in and get the message again. Then I got a few messages about invalid security tokens. As a result I had to recreate the description of a new mockup that I had already entered. It wasn’t a big deal but it makes me really nervous that I could lose something bigger next time.

From some of the other posts here, it sounds like this can happen at periods of high server load. So am I going to be at risk of losing my work whenever you guys have high server load? If so for sure I can’t trust the service, which is a shame because the software is really quite good.


We cannot apologize enough for the session problems, @Sumeria - it’s a real bummer that this has been your first experience with myBalsamiq.

The good news is that we think we finally found the solution. Have you had trouble staying logged in recently? I ask because we made a change on Friday that we think may have corrected the issue. Please let us know if you still see issues.

We originally thought that the problem was due to a substantial load increase, but it turns out that that was unrelated. We think it was actually a security update we made a few weeks back that has been the root of the problem all along. We reverted that change, and things seem to have stabilized.

Again, I am so sorry that this has been your first impression of the app. I’d be more than happy to extend the trial so that you can get a more accurate feel of how it operates normally. We would really like a chance to make this right. :slight_smile:


I have been suffering this today, for the first time and have lost the wireframes that I have been creating.
It has occured 6 times, with me making frequent saves - but as soon as I look at another window - I am logged out.
I am asked to enter my username and password but needless to say - all has been lost. Not impressed.


Same issue here - keep being logged out after a really short period (about 5 minutes) and have already lost 2 wireframes. Not very happy as you can imagine. Would love to hear a solution to this issue.


We are seeing some stuff on our end too, @ineke and @handerz48. We are investigating now. I’ll send you an update as soon as I have one.


We think we have resolved the issue @ineke and @handerz48. Sorry again for any frustration we caused you both.

Let us know if you continue to see issues.


Seems to be working smoothly now, thankyou


Same here - all working smoothly. Many thanks