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Full Screen Presentation - issue

I use the latest trial version of your app: Version: 4.2.3, Editor Version: 2.5.2

I have created some wireframes and I am playing with the presentation mode. Unfortunately, the full screen mode is not a full-screen mode in my case despite all of my wireframes has the same size. I also checked the settings under the Full Screen Presentation Settings > Zoom > Advanced menu.

I have checked your doc here and what I can see is that in your screenshot before the Zoom menu you have a small rectangle icon with a diagonal arrow. But what I can see in is different: I can only see 1:1 or an empty rectangle :

This is how the Full Screen Presentation mode looks like for me:

As you can see the mockup itself is so small at the center of my screen.
Can I increase the size somehow?

Hi @zappee and sorry for the confusion there.

Both Zoom views are showing the same result in your case because the browser control in your wireframes is rather small (450x550 px from what I can see).

Would you mind trying to enlarge the controls to see if it helps to get the desired result?

If I increase the size of the “Browser Windows” component then everything will be bigger in the “Full Screen Presentation” mode.

But then I need to increase the size of all the wireframe screens I have.

If these are vector-based components then maybe Balsamiq can do it automatically without any manual intervention.


I’m having the same problem. No matter what size I make the wireframe, the content always shows smaller in the full screen presentation mode and I have to zoom in to show clients.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks @Nate_Moller,

If you check your Project Centering Rules are your wireframes all roughly the same size or are the widest and tallest wireframes (indicated in red and blue respectively) significantly different?

I think that this issue is not related to the size if the content.

Just add some component tho the pages with small but different sizes.

For example, add a browser windows component to the 1st page with size of 400x500.
Then add another component, like image to the next page, size: 300x300.

Then add another Browser windows to the 3rd page with sizes of ex. 550x550.

Configure the presentation kode properly, select all pages, etc.

Start the full screen presentation mode.and u see that the contents are really small.

What I except is that every page must be zoomed with the same ratio. The ratio % must be set based on the biggest page.

This is annoying if you use a projector or a big TV.

Thanks @zappee,

We see a fair few cases where there is a wireframe which is particularly wide or high that’s skewing the zooming. I didn’t like to assume so wanted to make sure I was on the same page.