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Full Screen Project Centering Rules


I have Balsamiq mock ups version 3.0.5. When I am in Full Screen Presentation mode and Click Settings (the gear at the top rights of the screen) I see the four options, Link Hints, etc. But, I do not see the link for Project Centering Rules.

I have scrolled all the way to the bottom of the Full Screen Settings window - and nothing.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks


Hey @Sue

Sorry for the trouble with this. The Full Screen Centering rules were something we added recently, so let’s get you updated! :slight_smile:

Head over to our download page to grab the latest version. You should see the centering rules after you install.

Let me know if that helps!


Hello Brendan. Thanks for the response. Due to company regs I have to go through a process to get the update. Is there any work-around that I can do with an older version ( 3.0.5)?


Totally understand, @Sue. I would ask them about updating though as there have been A LOT of bug fixes and improvements since 3.0.5.

In the interim, if you want to center your full-screen presentations better, you could wrap the mockup in an invisible rectangle. That will cause the old centering rules to center based on the rectangle, and not on the elements of the mockup.

Make sure you set the border style to “No Border” and the Opacity to 0%.

Give that a shot, Sue and see if your projects center a bit better.


Thanks Brendan. Putting each screen into a rectangle works.