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Full screen screen-shot as background


Is it possible to use a screen shot, image, (?) of an entire screen as a background image and then be able to place objects on top of it?

We have a portal that we use for access to a variety of applications. This portal has a side menu on the left where links are added for new applications as well as a header with options.

I need to create a MU of a new application using these existing features.



I have had to do the same thing with one of our older portals. I made screen shots of the individual side menus, saved them as images, then pasted them into Mockups. This converted the images to an asset and I was able to overlay new objects on top. I used Snagit to make the screenshots easier, but any screen grab method should work.


Hi @Michael_Paparo,

Good to hear from you. :slight_smile:

As @russ mentioned, using any screenshot as a background image shouldn’t be a problem. You can simply import the desired one, just like any other image and start from there.

The only thing you may want to check is that the image is used as the bottom layer in your mockup(s), just so you don’t lose any elements behind it.

Hope this helps!


Yes Virgin,
I realized that after refreshing myself with the application (been a while).

However I seem to be having an issue:
I took the screen-shot and cropped it down to just what I wanted in Word, then copied the remains to Paint and saved it as a png file. When I imported the png file as an asset, I got the entire original image! Thinking I did something wrong, I did it again and then again and still got the entire image, un-cropped. I don’t know what is going wrong here as I’ve done this before with success. So, I need to figure this out.


Ah ha, found the problem.

New Surface Pro PC has folder location issues…