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Fullscreen - keyboard shortcut hijacked


I like to work fullscreen in Chrome (Mac) - less visual distractions, and a big canvas.
By “fullscreen”, I mean Chrome’s fullscreen: Enter Full Screen ^⌘F
I go in and out of fullscreen using the keyboard shortcut.
But… Balsamiq Cloud has hijacked this keyboard shortcut: Full Screen Presentation ⌘F

I know the keyboard shortcuts are different ^⌘F vs ⌘F, but if I ^⌘F, then Balsamiq takes it as ⌘F.
I can’t use Chrome’s keyboard shortcut to Enter Full Screen, when using Balsamiq :frowning:


We hear you, @Christopher, and I’ll talk to the team about it to see if we can find a better solution.

Let us know if you need anything else. Thanks for the report!