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Fullscreen on mac wouldn't work


I have an older iMac (High Sierra) but I can’t access normal fullscreen for app. In the settings there is only the option for presentation mode.

btw. I love the forum-version!! don’t know the application but the same as McNeel Rhino3D


That’s correct, @hannesgrebin and this is because Mockups 3 for Desktop needs Adobe Air to run and it doesn’t allow for this.

The good news is that we’ve been working on our upcoming native Desktop version for a while and you can use the app in full screen there! Not ETA for the release yet but we’ve started the beta phase already!

PS: Thanks for letting us know, we’re using


@Virgin thanks for letting me know! I have Bootcamp on my mac so switching for these to Windows might the trick for now. Thank you for mentioning Discourse!