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Future Enhancement - Data Grid


I use the data grid object quite a lot. Whilst its perfectly usable at the moment, it lacks certain features that would make it really great.

What would be fantastic would be to be able to edit tables in the same way I can when using the table features of wiziwig editor (right click to enter new rows, new columns, merge cells) drag to resize columns, be able to directly add and edit text in cells rather than via the text editor with commas etc)

If you click the ‘Table’ button in the editor here - and then play around with the inserted table, that kind of interface would be so much better.


Hey @Jason_Grimmitt, thanks so much for taking the time to share this feature with us.

I’ll bring it up with the team, and see if we want to do some thinking on the Data Grid control.

It’s already a beast of a control, so I’m not sure how much we want to add to it. But it’s definitely a discussion worth having!

If other folks would find a wysiwyg Data Grid useful, shoot a comment or like our way! :smiley:


Hi there,

in my team we already have this practice to create tables first in Excel and then to copy them to Balsamiq. One of my colleagues has created an Excel template for us, so that when you copy a table from Excel, for example the proportional sizes of columns are saved, the sorting icons are there, etc. This is pretty much handy, although not perfect. Even though for me it’s still OK to work with tables the way it is now, too many of my colleagues complain about that even after my explanations.

So I’d love to have a possibility to edit tables in Balsamiq in the wysisyg way.
Plus over 5 votes from my colleagues =)