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Generate overview of how mockups are connected?


I have a project with several wireframes of a web application that are connected by buttons and hyperlinks.

Now I’m working remotely with a client who prefers to print the PDF of exported wireframes. Regrettably he’s losing all links as well as the table of contents which lead to troubles navigating the wireframes.

Is it possible to:

  • add the wireframes name at the top and
  • generate an overview of how wireframes are connected with each other?

If not … is this a planned feature? I would think it could be very helpful.


A workaround could be inserting a sitemap control with all of your mockup names and including controls/symbols in separate mockups. Obviously, not ideal, but still worth a shot.


Good suggestion! But my problem is I have several incoming and outgoing connections per wireframe - a tree structure won’t suffice. Also, I’d like to indicate which transition is triggered by what action by, e.g., annotating the connecting edges with the name of the button or hyperlink.


Hey @wab, thanks for your question. This is a pretty requested feature. It’s also really hard. :smile:

We had something in one of our versions before, but it didn’t work well, and we had to pull it out.

At this point, we’re not sure where we are going to take this in the future. It’s definitely not something built-in right now.

As Jon mentioned, you could try using a site map for a simple overview. The other thing you could maybe do with your more complicated needs to to create a mockup that is essentially just boxes (Shape control) and arrows. You could have the name of the different mockups in the boxes, and show how a user would progress from one screen to the next, and the different flows they could have. Maybe that would help.

Sorry we don’t have a better answer for you yet!


@ben I see - too bad. Maybe it’ll find its way into a future version. Until then thanks for your answer :slight_smile:


What build was the one that had that feature?


It was actually an early, early version of myBalsamiq. It’s not a desktop build that could be downloaded from the archives.