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Generating Mockup Images


All of my mockup pages have a site logo in the top left corner that I just updated with a file of the same name. Launching the prototype brings up the OLD logo as it is cached but editing the mockup brings up the new logo and after making a trivial update so it will save and saving causing the “Generating Image…” process to run which then updates the cached mockup with the new logo. Is there a way to regenerate all images without editing all 50 of them individually?

If Balsamiq detected a new file with the same name was uploaded, it would be nice if Balsamiq would determine which mockups had an image dependence then regenerate the affected mockup images. A Regen all might be helpful too.



Hey @jlehew!

I’m sorry for the frustration this is causing you. As long as you force a change to one of the mockups in a project (like changing the skin), the thumbnails for all the mockups in that project will regenerate. You shouldn’t have to edit more than one mockup in a project to have them all regenerate their images.

I think the reason we cannot auto-detect that change is due to overhead reasons, but I am going to check with the myB team just to be sure.

Thanks John, sorry (again) for the frustration!


Changing the Skin worked! And I like the wireframe skin better then the default. Win-win. :grinning: