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German keyboard characters no longer input

Using Wireframes 4.0.25, the following keystrokes that need the Alt Gr combining key on a German keyboard do not work in text fields.

This includes important characters as {[]} and well as less important such as ²³~€. Interestingly, both \| work.

All these characters can be entered without problems in Mockups 3.5.17.

Hey @Karsten_Tinnefeld

We just released a new version of Wireframes for Desktop today, and it should have a fix for most of these issues. We still don’t have a solution for Exponentials yet, but that’s because the character doesn’t exist in the font.

Give that a shot and let me know if the other characters/shortcuts work.

Hey @Brendan

I can confirm that except ²³, all characters I tested work, even the large sharp s which has only been formally introduced in 2017 (it had been unofficially invented in the 1920-s).

Even the eventual characters we borrow from French work mostly, only exception are Œœ, which I can only enter via the clipboard, not via Alt + 0339 / Alt + 0338.

Thanks for the good work.