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Gets freezd during screensharing over Lync (Skype for Business)


When i share balsamiq application over Lync (Skype for Business) it gets freezed and doest let me do anything while sharing.


Hi @vijayraj.bhatt,

Sorry for the snag!

Would you mind sharing some more details to so we can try to help you with this one?

Is Mockups 3 the only app you are having issues with when trying to share it?
When using Skype for Business, are you sharing only the Mockups 3 window or the whole screen?

Sorry again for the hassle, we’ll get to the bottom of this!


sent email… hoping best…



I have seen similar issues (but possibly relevant) when copying content in Balsamiq to the clipboard. Lync and Krita then crash.

It is always when hitting Ctrl + C/Ctrl + P in Balsamiq, never any other commands. However it does not reproduce every time, quite rarely actually. I have seen this maybe 10 times in the last 6 months.