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Global default options


I wonder if there is a way how to setup default project options - colors, fonts, text size, skin. E.g. my company has some other default colors for links and selection (type of red), so when i do not want to show blue links and buttons, i have to fore every new project always go to the project settings and set the project defaults.

Also I would love to have my Global database of symbols and assets (e.g. i need our logo in every our project, or the default menu, header bar …).

At least there might be an option to save current project as default, so that every new project would start as this default, or better - Save project as Template, and then with New project i could select template i would like to use (that would be great functionality by the way - you can automaticly supply balsamiq instalation with common templates for bootstrap default templates, iphone apps …).

But still some global symbols and assets database up to it would be great as e.g. i could simply change some the logo in all the projects that use the global logo symbol.


We are definitely playing around with how to implement global options and templates, Tomas. It’s something that a lot of folks are asking for.

I’ll give it a nudge and see where we are at. :slight_smile:

Thank you, as always, for your awesome feedback, my friend. It always creates a great conversation with the team, and it helps make the app better!