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"Go Back" Feature - Alternatives for PDF?


If I understand this correctly, Mockups version 3.3. has a feature now to return back to an individual mockup screen that might be called by several different mockups (e.g., the same Privacy screen called by hitting a button on various pages within an application (e.g., email screen or support page screen). In these cases, you would want to be returned to the originating page after being shown the Privacy screen.

This feature is very useful to attain a more true look and feel of an application.

However, when exporting a Mockup to PDF, the feature cannot be implemented due to limitations with regard to PDFs and their associated embedded links.

I believe types of situations can be handled by creating a “decision” page for each given situation within a given Application Mockup. So upon exiting the mockup (e.g., privacy return), you would then be provided a selection of pages on where to return, depending on where you originated.

I am curious whether someone has a different approach that may be easier and/or more suitable?

Here is an example of such a decision page (see link):



Or is there another way to share a mockup with a developer whereas the developer does not have the Balsamiq Mockups application but the developer will still be able to get an interactive version of the mockup? Right now I am under the impression that the user can only achieve that via PDF export.


Hey @radiator

We didn’t want to hop in earlier because it looked like you wanted some feedback from other users, but I’m happy to answer this for you.

I’m not sure if it would work for you (you mentioned not having it installed in your post) but your developer could install the Mockups for Desktop trial (from When the 30 day trial runs out, the app can still be used as a viewer for BMPRs. That will allow them to open BMPR files indefinitely, and use the new Go Back feature.

Beyond that, PDF is the only export option that retains some of your mockups interactivity. But you are correct, the limitations of the format do not allow for the Go Back feature. I’m really sorry about that.


That sounds exactly what I am looking for… Many thanks.