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Grid improvements like icons, buttons, and greeting


I’d like to suggest ability to insert icons, maybe like “icon:small:blue:XXX” or something even easier. Laying buttons and icons over my grid view seems very clunky. I know that’s been requested.

Also, i’d like a way to fill a cell with greek text so the reader can understand that it’s content related to the header instead of trying to be creative in how I put actual text in.


Hi @Marc_Swindle,

Thanks for reaching out.

Some users requested this insert icons feature indeed so I added your vote for the request in our internal tracker, that will help us to prioritize it for the future.

Regarding your second point, may I ask which version of our tool do you use (Mockups 3 for desktop or myBalsamiq maybe)? The way to handle this will depend on the version.


Mockups 3 Desktop. Mac El Capitan (not that that matters).


Thanks for sharing the information @Marc_Swindle. Mockups 3 for desktop should allow you to enter greek characters. I’m not sure to understand your need on this one, could you please provide some more details?
Also, if sharing a BMPR file or screenshot sounds more easy to explain it, feel free to send it to, we’d like to know more about it!


Is it possible to subscribe or vote to this feature? I would like to get notified when this is available in BM for desktop.


Hey @di97mni

While we don’t have a way to subscribe to our feature tracker, we will update this thread when the feature is released.

I’ve added your vote to the topic as well. Thank you for taking the time to let us know you would like to see this too :slight_smile: