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Haven't gotten any replies to password reset for mockupstogo



I used to really get a lot of mileage out of the old mockupstogo. Now I can’t seem to get to first base on using it. It apparently requires a login. I’ve requested a password reset a few times, using my email address. No response.

Any help?


  • Joe


Hi, Joe. Mockups to Go doesn’t require you to login, so you wouldn’t have an account on there to reset. If you’re trying to reset a password for an existing myBalsamiq account at another URL, you should go to that site instead, or go to this URL to login to or retrieve a password for myBalsamiq:

If you need further help, send us an email at


Hi Mike. OK, that answers my biggest need… to know I can find and download from mockups to go. I’m going to assume I can also search it via Google. (I’m not much for browsing … )


  • Joe


Joe if you need more info on how to to download there’s an article describing how here:

You can search Mockups to Go from our site here, making sure the Mockups to Go tab is selected above the search form:

We have plans to make Mockups to Go integrated with the tools and make the browsable site better as well.